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Sea School – Our Approach to Education Afloat

When you live on a cruising yacht the world is your oyster – but it’s an oyster which comes without any dressing. Liveaboard yotties, drifting about on the seven seas, have to do without many of the things that Westerners generally take for granted: there is no hot and cold running water out here – not aboard our boat, anyway – and there is no national grid to provide our electricity. We also do without television, the Daily Mail, postal…

Life in the Mar Menor – Part 3 : Insects and other arthropods

The final episode of Roxanne’s wildlife trilogy is devoted to the creatures which many of us overlook or regard with fear and loathing: the creepy-crawlies.

Life in the Mar Menor – Part 2 : Birds

In the second instalment of her wildlife series, Roxanne introduces us to her feathered friends.

Life in the Mar Menor – Part 1 : Sealife

During the past couple of years Mollymawk has been based in the Mar Menor. It’s not the most attractive or exciting place in the world, but the Ship’s Naturalist has found plenty here to interest her. In this three part series she begins by telling us about the life which lurks in the water.

La Manga del Mar Menor

Mollymawk is currently based in La Manga del Mar Menor, in Southern Spain. Cruising Notes for this region will eventually be posted… but the Log Book will not begin in earnest until we set off, again, into the wide blue yonder.