La Manga del Mar Menor

Mollymawk is currently based in La Manga del Mar Menor, in Southern Spain. Cruising Notes for this region will eventually be posted… but the Log Book will not begin in earnest until we set off, again, into the wide blue yonder.

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  1. Ahoy, there Yacht Mollymawk – and all ye aboard her! Followed up a hunch/link and came across this great web site/weblog/logbook/scrapbook/whatchamacallit – greatly looking forward to following you all on your future voyages/adventures into the wide blue yonder, state-of-the-art satellite communications or whatever notwithstanding. All the best to youse guys and gals: Captain and Chief Engineer Nick; Admiral Jill; Chief Communications Officer Caesar; Ship’s Mermaid and Wannabe Head Chef-come-Admiral Xoë Joanna; Ship’s Naturalist Roxanne; Ship’s Dog Poppy; Ship’s Cat Truco – and drop us an e-mail if you ever decide to make Madrid your next port of call. All the best to you all!

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