Dot-Com Officer, Sparks, Chippy, and Co-Skipper

Like his parents and his sisters, Caesar has never had much choice as to whether to become a sailor. Like the rest of the family he was born into the lifestyle. He was conceived while his folks were cruising the sunny Caribee and was named for a Tropical Storm taking shape in the Atlantic at the same time. He spent the first two years of his life in the island of Antigua, made his first foray offshore at the tender age of one month, and by two-and-a half years he had crossed the Atlantic.

When Caesar was not quite five years old his mum and dad were careless enough to capsize the family home in the Southern Ocean, but by this time our boy had been through so many other adventures that he took the event in his stride. When the chopper came to collect the crew from a boat which was now bereft of masts, hatches, and any dry clothing, the young sailor glanced up at the bright lights shining from the blackness above him, and stepped nonchalantly and confidently into the arms of the stranger who had just appeared on our deck. The airman later told us that Caesar spent the journey aloft happily munching on a biscuit.

As a result of this drama Caesar and his younger sister rose to instant stardom, being featured in all the English daily newspapers and actually making it to the front page of the Daily Mail. However, Our Hero has now turned his back on such things; he prefers the quiet life and spends most of his time tucked away with his computer in his cabin.

Caesar is the brains behind the Yacht Mollymawk website. His skills in this field are, perforce, entirely self-taught; no one else in the family is capable even of reinstalling Windows and we just do as we are told and scribble away in obedience to his orders.

When not designing websites or writing software or publishing books, Caesar skippers the boat in partnership with the captain.
Caesar enjoys sailing, snorkelling, diving, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits.
He has qualified as a PADI Rescue Diver and has an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate (commercially endorsed). He spent the southern summer of 2017 working aboard a French charter-yacht and making passages to Antarctica. One day he hopes to take Mollymawk down there.

Caesar also bakes bread, makes yoghurt, brews wine and beer, and has even been known to make cheese. He is, indeed, a man of many talents.

Caesar’s pet hate is being asked to explain what he does all day on that computer.

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