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If you visit the local tourist office then they’ll tell you that Valle Gran Rey was named after the Big King who once lived in this valley – but we know better. We reckon it was named by a Frenchman who was seriously impressed with the local sealife.

Molly is a Mawk – not a hawk

“What does Mollymawk mean?” We’re often asked the question, by people passing by. To us it’s obvious. “Haven’t you noticed that ruddy great bird painted across the transom?” we reply. “You mean the seagull?” ! Worse, some of you have been spelling her name with an h, as if the old girl were a bird of prey… So I guess it’s time we explained.

Chicken Ship

Last year she raised a couple of seagulls. This year there were no baby gulls to rescue, and so Roxanne has been trying her hand as a chicken farmer.

Rox to the Rescue (A Tale of Toads and Frogs)

It’s been a while quite a while since you heard from the Ship’s Naturalist, but that’s not because she hasn’t been writing; it’s because her back-up team haven’t been typing… Herewith, an article which Roxanne penned many moons ago, during our visit to Melilla.