Another Nature Quiz

Our last quiz proved to be a bit too taxing for all but the experts. So we have made this one… different.

This time there is no mixing and matching; all you have to do is tell us what the photographs are of. If you are a real smarty pants you can give us the name, rank, genus, and inside leg measurement of each little creature, but if you are not a fully qualified entymologist we’ll settle for Spider, Beetle, Scorpion, and so forth.

(Yes, it’s that sort of a quiz; so if you are the sort of person who runs away from things with lots of legs, you’d better not look.)

Just to make things even easier we’re going to give the game away by telling you that the photos are all of members of the Arthropod phylum. There; that narrows the field, doesn’t it?

But there’s one misfit, which doesn’t really belong with the others. If you passed your Biology O’ Level you should spot it straight away.

Arthropod A Arthropod B Arthropod C Arthropod D
Arthropod E Arthropod F Arthropod G Arthropod H
Arthropod I Arthropod J Arthropod K Arthropod L

Good luck – and if we don’t immediately post your guesses, please don’t be offended. Now that we have cast off from the shore internet access is a thing which is available to us only rarely. Any comments which we receive from you will be posted as soon as possible.


  1. Well I’ll have ago at this! But Im not too clever at creepy crawlies!
    A is a spider and B is a fly. E is maybe another kind of spider. G is definitely some kind of a weird snail I is another spider. J is a wasp and K is a tarantula. L is the odd one out because there is nothing there at all except a bit of bent grass.
    Hey Roxanne! You could do a fish quiz. I’m a lot better at identifying fish. I like you story about Isla perdigera.

  2. HI! Very cool story and fun quiz!
    ok, A is a walking stick B is a cricket C is a sandworm? D is a Spider E is a crab F is a grasshopper G is a shrimp H is a Snail I is a Praying Mantis J is a wasp/yellowjacket K is a wolf spider L is a walkingstick

    Great pictures too. Hope you are all sailing along like the wind! Thanks for the update and Loved the Story Roxanne. Take care. Emil

  3. Is D that preying mantis Roxanne saw and reprted on, if so, I saw one yesterday here in Extremadura and got just as excited about the shape of it’s rear end. If I am right, it is quite a delicate looking Mantid and this is it’s sttrange looking rear end.
    The rest of the photo’s I will have to work on in between puppy feeding(see other bits in iberianature forum!)

  4. Jill  (article author) 

    We’ve spent the past week anchored off Isla Perdiguera, where Rox is making a survey of the seagull nests. I expect she will write something about that soon. In the meantime… back to this quiz.

    Hullo Greg, I’m glad to hear that you are better at fish than you are at insects… 🙂 (That was a colon, followed by a bracket, and the Boy Wonder tells me it will come out looking like a proper smiley.)

    Hi Emil, you have evidently been hiding your light under a bushel! Did you spend your childhood as Roxanne now does, crawling around on the ground?
    You have got just four of the answers wrong – and I’m so mean that I’m not going to tell you which ones. Yet. (I’m waiting for the experts to chip in and give us the Latin names!)

    Hola Judith. (The machine thinks that you are in Germany – so it’s given you a German flag – but I happen to know that you are in Spain.) No, photo D isn’t the back end of a cone head mantis, but I can see why you might mistake it for one – and there is a cone head amongst the photos. Keep looking!

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