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Caesar was born to the sailing life. Conceived while his folks were cruising the sunny Caribee and named for a tropical storm taking shape in the Atlantic at the same time, he spent the first two years of his life in the island of Antigua, made his first offshore foray at the tender age of one month, and by two-and-a half years he had crossed the Atlantic.

Caesar is qualified as a PADI Rescue Diver and an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (commercially endorsed).
If you're looking for a skipper to deliver your boat across an ocean, drop him a line using the contact form.

Caesar also loves computers and electronics, and is the brains behind the Yacht Mollymawk website.

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To the Falklands aboard a superyacht

Last December we got a message for our friend Morgan, a born-and-bred cruising yotty who currently earns his living sailing other people’s boats. Morgan told us that he and his girlfriend, Cheryl, were passing through Buenos Aires on their way south to the Falklands. He knew that we were in the area, and he wondered if I would like to join them for this voyage. Last time I visited the islands I was four years old, and we arrived by…

How NOT to Build a Boat is finally available!

It’s finally happened! First there was the delay in finishing the illustrations – of which there are more than 100. Then there was the delay with the final editing. And then there was the delay with the final final editing… After that came the delay over where to send the proofs (bearing in mind that we’re on the move), and when the proofs came there was a delay when we found that the photos were not up to scratch. Delays,…

Bebi Vonu LED Cabin Lights

Old-fashioned halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights aboard a cruising yacht often form a major part of her power usage, and making the change to LED lights – both for interior lighting and for navigation lights – has the potential to make an enormous difference to the cruiser’s lifestyle. Whilst many people have already made the change, there are still plenty of yachts with inefficient and power-hungry lights. We have met several cruisers who sit in dimly-lit cabins or even use…


Last year I decided to take a little time out from the cruising life and spend 10 weeks volunteering in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with the youth and sustainable development charity, Raleigh International – and at long last, I’ve finally got around to writing about my experiences! Raleigh has its roots in a project called Operation Drake. In 1978 Colonel John Blashford-Snell and HRH Prince Charles launched a two-year project running youth projects from a sailing ship circumnavigating the globe.…

Fautasi LED Cabin Light

All cruising boats must be self-sufficient in terms of electricity, and so the less of it which they have to use, the better. Lighting is a major part of the electrical consumption of many boats – but this consumption can be vastly reduced by using efficient lighting such as LEDs. In a previous article we discussed an excellent anchor light produced by a small company in Fiji called Bebi Electronics. This light is at least as bright as a conventional…

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone! We’ve been so frantically busy trying (and failing) to get the boat ready to leave Spain before Christmas that we haven’t even had time to go to the post office this year – so this is all you’re getting! Feel free to print it out and sign it “Love from the Mollymawks“.