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The Cruising Clan (or Why Can’t We All Just Be Nice To Each Other?)

In which the Admiral muses on friendship, world peace, and on the wholesome nature of the drunken sailor.

Like a dog to water!

Our latest news will astound any of you who have ever met Poppy-Dog.

Birdlife in the Canary Islands

Which bird would you reckon is the most common in the Canary Islands? Go on, have a guess.

Catastrophe strikes the Mollymawks!

After a couple of months of to-ing and fro-ing between England and the Canary Islands the Mollymawks were more than ready to say goodbye to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and head for somewhere a little more relaxing. To be exact, we decided to head for La Gomera.

The Prize Ship

What do you think of our new dinghy? It matches the mothership quite nicely, doesn’t it? There we were, one quiet afternoon in the anchorage in Las Palmas. Or at least, we were being quiet; the anchorage itself is never very quiet because it is part of “the busiest port in West Africa”. Ships come and go; tugs rush up and down like terriers off the lead, and pilot boats speed to and fro officiously. Besides all that, this was a…