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Seagull Survey (Part I)

Over the course of the past two months the Ship’s Naturalist has been making a survey of a colony of breeding gulls. Each nest which she finds is carefully marked on her hand-drawn map, and progress is recorded in her diary. The project is still on-going – every time we visit the colony there are new babies to photograph and new pieces of egg-shell to collect – but we decided that it was high time we let you take a…

Farewell and Adieu to Truco

We now lose a small but much loved member of the crew.

Arthropod Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to our recent, devious quiz.

DIY GCSEs and A levels (Part I)

The advantages of homeschooling are so many that they would fill a book. The disadvantages number just two. The first disadvantage is the problem of finding enough other kids to form a football team or the cast of a play... The second is the difficulty of studying for GCSEs and A levels. For our experiences in this latter arena, read on.