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Remains of the Reconquista

Over the course of the past three years we have made several forays into the interior and have had plenty of opportunity to visit some of the castles with which Spain is littered. In this article, Xoë describes a few of these fascinating monuments and reaches back in time to trace their origin and purpose.

Inflatable Canoes

Searching for a way to win back her figure and fitness, but without the expenditure of any unpleasant effort, Jill discovers canoeing. There is just one problem, and that is the matter of stowage. If you think a couple of canoes take up a lot of room in your garage, try fitting them onboard a yacht! Clearly, the answer lies in acquiring a pop-up version which, at the end of the day’s play, can be magicked away and hidden under…

Three kids in a van (not to mention the dog)

How can you holiday and see the world on the cheap? Answer: as a backpacker. But how can you do that same thing with three kids and a dog in tow? That’s what the boat is all about. With a boat you can travel, in your own home, to the far corners of the globe. However, there are times when a boat can be very restrictive. You can travel the seven seas, but when it comes to terra firma you…