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Hot off the press!

We are thrilled to be able to announce the publication of two books, one by Jill and the other by Roxanne.

Seagull Survey (Part X)

It’s been many weeks now since any rain fell on Isla Perdiguera and, from a distance, the island looks as if it is dying. Get a little closer and you find that it is actually just coming to life. In the tenth part of her report the Ship’s Naturalist tells us about some of the other creatures which live here alongside the yellow-legged gulls.

Seagull Survey (Part IX)

In which we bid adios to one of the leading actors.

Seagull Survey (Part VIII)

Time is rushing by, summer is here at long last, and the nests on Isla Perdiguera are falling into disrepair. The one time tenants of those feather lined hollows are now taking to the air, but all is not entirely well on the desert island paradise. Roxanne’s latest report commences where the last left off, in early June.

Seagull Survey (Part VII)

In the latest instalment of her survey Roxanne describes the progress made by her protégés, and then considers the seagulls’ dietary habits and lists some of the other birds which are eking out a living and raising their young on the arid little island of Perdiguera.

Seagull Survey (Part VI)

The continuing saga of the seagulls of Isla Perdiguera, researched and related by Roxanne, the Ship’s Naturalist.

Seagull Survey (Part V)

The Ship’s Naturalist has been kept very busy over the past few weeks, caring for her two yellow-legged gulls. She has also been keeping her diary up to date, and the delay in bringing you part five of the Seagull Survey is through no fault of her own. Part six really will follow shortly – I promise!

Seagull Survey (Part IV)

The May Day weekend was a busy one at Isla Perdiguera, with hordes of yotties turning up to enjoy a barbecue on the beach or a rather chilly dip in the sea. Unfortunately, quite a few also took a ramble around the island, so that the yellow-legged gulls raising their young on the hillsides had rather a stressful time. The Ship’s Naturalist was there, keeping an eye on her friends and proteges.

Seagull Survey (Part III)

Part three of Roxanne’s report on the yellow-legged gulls of Isla Perdiguera

Seagull Survey (Part I)

Over the course of the past two months the Ship’s Naturalist has been making a survey of a colony of breeding gulls. Each nest which she finds is carefully marked on her hand-drawn map, and progress is recorded in her diary. The project is still on-going – every time we visit the colony there are new babies to photograph and new pieces of egg-shell to collect – but we decided that it was high time we let you take a…