New-look website!

We’ve completely redesigned the Yacht Mollymawk website, improving its usability and accessibility, as well as adding a few new features.

What’s New

The most obvious change you’ll notice is the header. Readers complained to us that we don’t have enough photos of Mollymawk and her crew – so we’ve added lots of them to the new header. There’s a different selection of photos on each page and each category of articles.

It is now easier to find your way around the site, with links to each section of the site in the header and footer, and the most recent articles in each section listed at the bottom of every page.
Using the new recent article list on the home page, you can now see at a glance whether we have published any new articles since your last visit.
Those of you who use a feed reader can now subscribe to our feed by clicking the link at the bottom of each page of the site, to be notified whenever we publish a new article.
For those of you who don’t know what a feed reader is but still want to know when we publish new articles, you can now subscribe by email and have notifications delivered right to your inbox!
And for those of you who prefer to just come to the site every now and then to see whether we’ve published any new articles, note that we are now trying to keep to a biweeky schedule. We tried weekly for a while, but it was just taking up too much time.

There is a new Q&A section, with our answers to questions we’re frequently asked about cruising. Feel free to send in your own questions.


If you have any comments or suggestions about our new-look website, or if you just want to tell us you like it (or you don’t like it), we’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

And if you want a similar (or different) website designed for you, please visit Caesar’s Grunt.


  1. Dear friends ;;Hi.
    I heard about you from my dear friend Osman Atasoy -Uzaklar II – turkish sailing yacht.
    Hope to meet you somewhere someday.If your route comes to Aegean my home is at 38 28`16.90“ N – 26 36`30.90“ E

  2. Young man you have one of the best designed sites that I have been to. You really have talent.the only thing that I would like to see is a photo album of your travels. Bye the way you mum is a;so a great photographer. I will be following your site and travels and maybe see you and you family someday as I launch ‘Gypsy Soul” March 1 to start a dream I have had since I was a wee lad. God bless you and your family and keep up the great work.

    v/r Richard
    [email protected]
    s/v Gypsy Soul

    1. Caesar  (article author) 

      Thanks for the compliments, Richard! And as a matter of fact, a photo album is one of the things we are planning to add some time…

      I hope that your dream will be fulfilled aboard Gypsy Soul. Perhaps we will meet somewhere.


  3. Hi Just come across your site via blue water sailing newsletter I receive and I have really enjoyed looking at your adventures and pictures.

    I have added you to my blog reader so I can keep up with you in the future.

    I am a wannabe sailor and for awhile was looking for a suitable boat to sail off in, but like so many other wannabes things happened that changed my plans.

    I’m from the uk but now live in Malaysia and just love it here – in fact it has given me the desire to go sailing around Malaysia and up to Thailand.

    anyway thanks for allowing us to share your experiences at sea.

    regards John

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